St. Michael's Branch


The Overseas Branch of the

Royal Air Force Police Association






The St. Michael's Branch of the Royal Air Force Police Association was the brainchild of the late John Armfield (France), the Branch to represent, and further, the interests of those members of the Association permanently resident outside of the United Kingdom. The Branch name dervies from St. Michael, the patron saint of police officers.

At their meeting of 17th April 2015 the Association Executive Council approved the formation of the St.Michael's Branch. The Branch was permitted to form immediately but retained 'Designate' status until the necessary amendments were made to the Association Constitution & Rules; these amendments were resolved at the Association AGM held at the Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth, on 30th April 2016.

Unlike other Branches, St. Michael's is a 'virtual' Branch run totally electronically at nil cost to the Association. Branch members are not required to make any financial contribution to the Branch and no Capitation Fees are received from Central Funds. As the Branch has no funds, or other property, it does not have a Treasurer or Trustees. The Branch is administered in accordance with "Branch Specific" Regulations.

At the time of formation all RAFPA members permanently resident outside of the United Kingdom, who did not have membership of a U.K. Branch, automatically became members of the Branch unless they had opted to do otherwise. Any member who feels that their overseas status has been overlooked, or would like to transfer their membership from a U.K. Branch, should contact the the Branch Secretary ( Future overseas members will automatically be added to the Branch roll unless requesting otherwise. Members of the RAF Police who are serving overseas, and are members of the Association, may be attached to the Branch for the duration of their “tour”.

The Branch currently has members residing in:  Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Dubai, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Ireland (Eire), Jersey, Holland, Kenya, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tenerife & U.S.A.


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