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Alan Rusling Memorial Award



2016 Co-Recipient






Matthew 'Paddy' Cowap MBE














Matthew 'Paddy' Cowap served in the RAF Police/Provost Branch from 1954 to 1973 retiring in the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He has been a member of the RAF Police Association since 2001.


Paddy received several nominations for the 2016 Award and the below is a compilation of extracts from the nominations received:


“On the 1st of July 2015 he opened a ‘thread’ on the RAFP Associates Forum entitled ‘Compromise’ which ran until 5th May 2016; during this period the thread received 33,673 hits with 713 contributions. The aim of this thread was to attempt to effect a reconciliation with regard to the internal disagreements within the RAFPA. He did so with courteous conciliatory respect and walked that fine mediatory line that deserved a better result. His efforts were not restricted to the Forum and nobody will ever know how many telephone calls he made and received or how many private e-mails he received and sent. He also travelled a considerable distance from his home to act as mediator at a meeting between the ‘Associates’ webmaster and the then RAFPA National Chairman; whilst not achieving all of its aims the meeting was a limited success with concessions being made. Paddy will not mind if it is pointed out that he is over 80 years old and whilst remaining fit for a man of his age did have periods of ill-health during his mediations but this did not affect his resolve. He certainly set a shining example to us all.”


In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Royal Air Force Police Association as a whole Paddy became co-recipient on the 14th occasion of the Memorial Award.


August 2016




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