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Alan Rusling Memorial Award




2015 Recipient











When making their decision the Adjudicators took into consideration the following:






1. Steve served as Chairman for two periods during which he oversaw the expansion and development of RAFPA from an Association of 250 to over 1000 members,



2. For 19 years he served as a respected Association Trustee,



3. He designed RAFPA’s first website, remaining as its Webmaster for 18 years,



4. Having created RAFPA's two YahooGroups remained as Moderator for over 15 years.



5. Acted as the Editor of the Members Directory for a long period, maintaining the circulation lists for the electronic copies of not only the Directory but also for the Griff & Provost Parade.



6. In recognition of Steve’s outstanding service to the Association he was the joint recipient of the Award, together with his wife Marilyn, in 2001. In the 14 years that have passed since 2001 Steve has continued to devote much of his time to RAFPA despite his disability and ill-health and there is little doubt that without his continued efforts the Association would not have been as successful as it  has.






Whilst making their deliberations the Adjudicators pointed out that they had paid no heed to the politicking/posturing taking place within the Association at the time; they also paid no credence to an instance of uninvited outside interference on which they were not prepared to comment further.

They also thought it worthy of mention that several nominees were put forward and that Steve received multiple nominations; their decision was unanimous.

Steve sadly passed away on 4th April 2022 aged 69 years.






Neil Rusling

16th April 2022





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