St. Michael's Branch


The Overseas Branch of the

Royal Air Force Police Association






To qualify for membership of the St. Michaels's Branch an applicant must:

  (a)   be a current member of the RAF Police Association, and,  

(b)   be permanently resident outside of the United Kingdom, or,

  (c)   be a member of the RAF Police, and a member of RAFPA, who is  
         currently serving overseas.  


For further information on Branch membership please contact Andy Smith (Branch Secretary).




For further information on Association membership please contact David Wardell the Membership Secretary. (Click here to obtain a copy of the membership application form).




The prevailing rate of the Association Annual Subscription is 12.50 which is due on the 1st of January each year. An addional Branch subscription is not levied. There are several methods by which your subscription can be paid:


  (a)   Cheque payable in sterling.  

(b)   Standing Order in sterling.

  (c)   E.F.T. in sterling.  
  (d)   Credit/Debit card.  
  For further information on payment methods please contact Jeremy Fenton the Association Treasurer.  



The Association banking details can be found in the 'Members Area'








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